February 21, 2017


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Jessica Fike

Whether you’re planning a large wedding with 300 guests or an elopement for the two of you, one thing that is common across all wedding checklists is the marriage license. It’s not the most glamorous part of the wedding planning process, and may even seem like a hassle for Deep Creek destination couples planning from afar. Obtaining your Marriage License in Garrett County is a pretty simple task!

obtaining marriage license in garrett county for deep creek wedding

The requirements to obtain a marriage license in Garrett County (home of Deep Creek Lake) is the same for local residents, out-of-county and out-of-state residents.

Here’s the process:

  • Visit to the Clerk’s Office  at  the Circuit Court of Garrett County
    203 S. 4th Street, Room 109
    Oakland, MD 21550
    (301) 334-1937
    8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Only one of you needs to be present
  • Bring your state-issued ID
  • Present basic information for both parties (full names, place of residence, age, state of birth, and social security numbers as well as the final date of divorce, if this applies to you)
  • Pay the $40 fee in cash


The entrance to the Clerk’s Office in a beautiful Garrett County snow storm.

What next?

  • The marriage license is issued at time of application (yep, it’s that fast)
  • There is a two-day waiting period until the license can become officially official,  so if you’re getting married on Saturday, you better get your license by Thursday. Don’t add one more thing to your giant, last-minute to-do list the week of your wedding. Plan a day trip to the Clerk’s Office and visit the cute shops and restaurants within two blocks while you’re here!
  • Once issued, the license is good for six months, so you can get your marriage license in February and be ready to roll legally as late as August!


Don’t let the lackluster paperwork be a thorn in your side during wedding planning! The ease of the marriage license process in Maryland and the opportunity to spend more time in this beautiful county are two positives that can accompany this small part of your wedding checklist. All of that is just one more reason why all of us at The Deep Creek Wedding think you’ll be pleased when you consider Deep Creek for your place to marry.

You can find more of the specifics on the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce’s website, as well as the US Marriage Laws website.


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