March 15, 2017



It has been snowing in the area for the past couple days, which makes it the perfect time to share this beautiful snowy elopement from Jacqie Q Photography at Savage River Lodge. The bride’s pale blue coat coordinated perfectly with her dress and looked amazing with all the snow. What a beautiful day captured with two gorgeous people! We would love to see more snowy/winter weddings in this area!

From Jacqie (the photographer):
Crystine and Dave planned an intimate elopement at Savage River Lodge, and if you didn’t know, elopements are my jam. A special kind of magic sprinkles two people and their surroundings when they pledge their love to one another with only the trees and sky listening and honoring their souls. The second bit of excitement was that these two planned their marriage in winter… in Western Maryland. If you’re a local, or even if you’re not, you know that means there’s a high possibility of snow! Another little nugget: I get wildly excited about snow, especially fresh snow. The night before these two were to be wed, fluffy snow covered the entire region.

Crystine called me that morning, slightly panicked, asking if I would be able to get down into Savage River because they had a blanket of fresh snow. I calmed her fears, letting her know that not only did I have 4-wheel drive, but also that I learned to drive in this weather. As I approached Savage River Lodge, the snow-covered mountains were breathtaking! Crystine and I discussed best time for the ceremony and we planned her wedding ceremony and portraits to coincide with sunset. I’m trying not to explode with happy here, but an elopement in the snow at sunset marks one big thing off my bucket list! Biggest congratulations to two of the kindest people I have had the honor of photographing!


Photography: Jacqie Q Photography* | Venue: Savage River Lodge

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