MARCH 30, 2017




Jessica Fike

Now that Spring is here, we’ll soon be seeing flower blossoms and lush greenery return to the Deep Creek Lake area. Wedding season is coming up quickly, but for some engaged couples this time will be the perfect time for engagement sessions as Deep Creek offers a variety of stunning, picturesque spots for incredible couple’s portraits. If you’ve opted for a destination wedding in this corner of Maryland or even if you haven’t, this resort area offers striking possibilities for couple’s photos.

The Deep Creek Lake area stands out for the bountiful beauty in nature and the numerous backdrops for pictures. From waterfalls to the lake shore, mountains to open green spaces, and the splendor of various seasons, it’s no doubt that this area is a must-visit for anyone wanting pictures in the great outdoors. Such beauty and variation in locations specifically make Deep Creek Lake a wonderful place for engagement sessions, and with the help of some of our photographer vendors, we have some breath-taking locations to share with you!

The Lake
It’s no secret that Deep Creek Lake is a hidden gem in Maryland. With 65 miles of shoreline and mountainous views surrounding, it is a prime location for any couple wanting a waterside engagement session. Deep Creek Lake State Park is ranked high on our list of location possibilities because whether you’re wanting that feeling of a “getaway” session at the lake or if Deep Creek just holds a special place in your heart, the park offers a large, public beach area, making the water (and sand!) very accessible to photographers and couples who just need to pay a small fee to get into the park. You could even throw in a boat ride or other water sports if you’re the adventurous types! And no matter where you are at the lake, if there’s evening sun, the warm glow paired with the water provides an ethereal backdrop for photos with your love!

Deep Creek Lake State Park – Image by Higher Focus Studios

Deep Creek Lake State Park – Image by Higher Focus Studios

Image by Jessica Fike Photography


by Shannon Gray Photography

Image by Jacqie Q Photography

Deep Creek Lake State Park – Image by Jessica Fike Photography

The Forest
Deep Creek Lake is not lacking in gorgeous natural backdrops, including forests! While the lake area has plenty of woodland backdrops to offer, one specific location that always comes recommended is Swallow Falls State Park. Located just a few minutes from the lake, Swallow Falls offers the element of water (there are three different waterfalls within the park!) plus plenty of trees, trails and rock formations…all things that make up the quintessential forest setting! And while the park can sometimes get busy (especially in summer on a nice, warm weekend…be warned!), there’s still plenty of room for some love for the camera. There really are mountains everywhere in Garrett County so it’d be hard not to find such a backdrop.

Swallow Falls State Park – Image by Shannon Gray Photography

Swallow Falls State Park – Image by Shannon Gray Photography

Swallow Falls State Park – Image by Shannon Gray Photography

Deep Creek Lake State Park – Image by Higher Focus Studios

Tolliver Falls at Swallow Falls State Park – Image by Jessica Fike Photography

The Mountains
Deep Creek Lake lies in the Allegheny Mountains, which make up part of the Appalachian Mountain Range and contain the highest point in the state of Maryland. So if you’re looking for pictures in the mountains, this is your place! The top of the Wisp is the most popular “mountain” spot but there are various locations where you can capture the beauty of Deep Creek Lake’s mountains.

Top of Wisp Mountain – Image by Higher Focus Studios

Image by Jacqie Q Photography

The Seasons
Visitors travel hundreds of miles to visit Deep Creek Lake’s four seasons. Fall and winter come early and spring and summer come late. But no matter their timing, each is its own shining star, and adds another element of beauty to the picture-taking possibilities. Autumn is probably the most popular time for photo sessions as the trees burn bright with color! Deep Creek Lake is SCREAMING with color in the Fall. Winter offers a magical backdrop when covered with glistening snow, which is quite often between January and March. Spring presents a quiet and peaceful atmosphere with budding trees, while summer is bustling with water activities, sunshine, warm breezes, and lush greenery.

Image by Farfalla Photography

Image by Jessica Fike Photography

 Hometown Feeling
When Karlo Gesner of Karlo Photography shared Emily and Dennis’ engagement session with us, we were immediately inspired to add “hometown feeling” as a location idea. We meet so many out-of-county couples who feel that Garrett County and Deep Creek Lake are “like home” to them. They’ve vacationed here with their families summer after summer, they have enjoyed a getaway or two with their partner and were overjoyed by the relaxing and friendly atmosphere, or the “lake life” has been part of their lives for as long as they’ve been together as a couple. Emily and Dennis are an example of just that! Their engagement session included a local dive bar called the “Pawn Run Saloon” where Dennis proposed and the newly engaged couple then shared a boat ride with Emily’s parents.


You can’t go wrong with an engagement session at Deep Creek Lake. With the variety and stunning natural beauty, you’ll have your choice of incredible locations. We have a list of photographers who know the area well and are excited about capturing your love story in this lovely corner of Maryland!

Happy Engagement!