JANUARY 11, 2017




Elizabeth Williams

“Kevan was totally blown away by his bride Jackie at their October wedding at Chanteclaire Farm. The look on his face says it all. I remarked later, ‘Hey Jackie… I think Kevan reaaaallly likes you.’”

─ Karlo Photography


We couldn’t agree more! There are countless little special moments like this throughout a celebration, these slices of joy that become part of each couple’s unique story. Here are a few of our favorites from 2016. 




“This past year I went to a bridal show at Wisp and met a couple who was getting married there in August. They chose me to be their florist and we had a brief conversation that all the bride cared about for her bouquet was that there were tiger lilies involved. I told her that I thought we should showcase them and just add a little greenery – simple really is beautiful.

Later, I found out that the reason she wanted tiger lilies was because they were her mother’s favorite flower and she had passed away. In that moment I knew I made the right decision by making the tiger lilies a focal point. Not only that, I got a secret e-mail from the bride’s sister about a month before the wedding asking me to put some blue flowers in the bride’s bouquet to surprise her with her ‘something blue.’ I just thought that was so sweet and thoughtful!”

─ Tabitha, Flora Mae Rose



Amberlee Christey Photography

“I had to share something from Abby and Hank’s wedding at Blue Moon Rising. They were such a sweet couple and had so many amazing moments it was hard to pick just one. Seriously, there were so many happy tears and the love radiating out of the families that day was something wedding dreams are truly made from.

While this photo may not be award winning, I will always remember Abby telling me how when Hank proposed to her, that he had gotten their daughter Veda a ring as well. My heart melted instantly! This is Miss Veda putting the ring on before the wedding.”

─ Amberlee Christey Photography



At Justin and Erica’s October wedding, the groom wore a traditional kilt in the traditional way. Their photographer, Jessica Fike, had to remain conscious of that while choosing her angles, and which way the wind was blowing ─ which she never had to consider before. She got another surprise at the end of the night!

“When saying goodbye to the couple, the groom asked me if I had tried the Apple Pie Moonshine at the bar. I said no, but he politely and excitedly insisted that I try it with him. Not only did I taste some delicious moonshine but I also had a ‘real’ moment with the groom. It wasn’t business, it wasn’t going through the motions of a photog-couple relationship, it was genuine interaction and pleasantry, and it just melted my heart. I knew I had been more than a photographer to that couple and was reminded all over again as to why my job is pretty cool.”

─ Jessica Fike Photography



During a mid-summer ceremony at Chanteclaire Farm, violinist Virginia Cox and two guitarists from DC became fast friends trying to protect their instruments from some unexpected rain.

“We rehearsed outside a little while before the wedding, and kept inching equipment (my old violin included) away from the spray of the rain. The wonderful and amazing Tony from Chanteclaire was keeping a close eye on the radar and only minutes before the wedding ceremony start time, it finally stopped raining. Everyone was scampering around wiping chairs dry as the guests stood aside. I found towels flying in the midst of pink and red roses rather amusing!

My newfound friends and I were able to accompany the wedding as planned on the deck overlooking the pond. I just thought it was fun that someone was willing to track the weather so closely and that we were able to pull-off the ceremony outdoors, and right on time. And it was very fun meeting and making music with new friends!”

─ Virginia Cox, Viva String Quartet



Another Chanteclaire affair was particularly unforgettable for the photographer. Matt and Kelsey’s personality, humor, and undeniable love for each other shone throughout the entire celebration.

Higher Focus Studios

“From the first moments of the day when their dog kept hiding under Kelsey’s gown, to Matt’s expression at their first look around the side of the barn, or their love of Disney classics woven through their ceremony, the fun just went on and on! I wouldn’t have thought they could keep the momentum going all day long, but their joy was so evident in every single moment. A favorite mental snapshot was when Matt and his groomsmen broke out Backstreet Boys to serenade Kelsey at the reception!”

─ Kristen, Higher Focus Studios




Jacqie Q Photography

“Emily and Mike had hoped for DCL sunshine but instead, this EPIC and MAGICAL fog settled onto the surface of the lake. And then we also got a blazingly gorgeous firey sunset. Only at Deep Creek!”

─ Jacqie Q Photography


Thank you to everyone who shared a special moment with us. Here’s to making many more memories together in 2017!