DECEMBER 28, 2016





There is a known superstition that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck and I have always believed in it. A little rain and wind didn’t put a damper on this boat wedding from Jacqie Q Photography. She recently captured Lacey and Michael’s beautiful and intimate wedding on Jennings Randolph Lake. Lacey’s dress was so unique and fun. The wedding colors were teal and coral, which is perfect for a wedding on the water. The wedding day might have been filled with rain and wind, but it also looks like it was filled with so much love.

FROM LACEY (the bride):

Most people would think that rain on your wedding day is the last thing that you would want, especially when your ceremony is taking place on two pontoon boats in the middle of a lake. But for our wedding, those people are wrong. The torrential downpour, coupled with tornado warning winds that began right before we said our vows, was the best thing that could have happened. When the rain fell, it began to wash away the pretense and formality that befalls any ceremony, no matter how intimate it is.

As the skies opened up, we squeezed in together, taking shelter under the small roof, bringing literal closeness to the already close group of friends and family aboard the vessels. By the end of the ceremony, we were all soaking wet (some more so than others and a shout out to my sister/Matron of Honor for keeping the boat afloat and to our amazing photographers who captured the beauty of the rain and its role in our ceremony) but we were married!

As we moved on to the reception, my dad changed from his waterlogged suit into his quintessential white t-shirt and jeans. The girls kicked off their heels to squelch about in the mud and muck for pictures. It was perfect. That summer storm was the one thing that I could not have planned, but it ended up being such a memorable part of our laid-back, natural, beautiful, summer wedding.


Photographer: Jacqie Q Photography*  | Location: Jennings Randolph Lake | Bakery: Cornish Manor | Dress: Etsy | Details: Made by the bride (bouquets, favors)

*Member of The Deep Creek Wedding