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To significantly grow the demand for wedding services in Garrett County/Deep Creek and promote the area as a top destination for weddings. Using the crafted and creative voices of wedding professionals in the area, the ability to host a wide range of wedding needs will be shared and featured through stylized, high-content, modern media channels.



The vision of TDCW is to be a top 20 national wedding destination in the United States.


1. We assume that every member is striving to create their own unique offering in the marketplace, and will honor others’ unique business strategies. Members must not steal or copy another member’s idea or practice without making it unique to themselves.
2. Members must feel safe during networking events. The atmosphere must be friendly, encouraging, and open.
3. Members who violate these rules are subject to exclusion from the site.
4. The Deep Creek Wedding has the authority to arbitrate any disagreement relating to the above rules.


In order to be a member of TDCW:
1. The wedding professional or business must be located in Garrett County or willing to do work with weddings in Garrett County.
2. The professional or business must support the overall mission of TDCW.
3. The member must have an established business with all required licenses if necessary.

Before applying to be a vendor of The Deep Creek Wedding, please read the following:

By submitting the application form and fee, I understand and agree to the following:

The Deep Creek Wedding holds editorial review and control over The Deep Creek Wedding website, and may, at any time, request additional information for my profile page on the website.

As an official member of The Deep Creek Wedding, I am encouraged to submit original, attractive stories for The Deep Creek Wedding blog that will be subject to the discretion of the editorial leaders of the site.

To submit pictures, for both profile pages and blog posts, that were either taken by me or by a professional who has given me permission to do so.

The Deep Creek Wedding website must be professional, high-quality and unique, and I will present both profile and blog material with those standards in mind.

For the company you are listing as a vendor and to have it listed in more than one category (if the membership level you choose has the option), you must prove to do work in each category. We might have questions regarding the categories you choose. We want each listing to be accurate and credible.


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