MAY 2, 2017


Wedding Tips


Jacqie McKenzie

Allison is the owner and designer at Paper Hearts Invitations located in Morgantown, WV. She specializes in unique, custom designs to fit your wedding theme and personality. We adore her designs which can be seen on her website! Thanks for all of the tips in planning for your wedding invitations!


So you’re starting to plan your wedding – congrats! After the flood of congratulatory texts and calls start to die down, it’s time to start envisioning your big day! You still have a million decisions to make, but hopefully, this list will help you be prepared when it’s time to meet your Stationer and discuss your wedding invitations. I suggest making an appointment to discuss your vision at least 4 months before the big day!

Here are the steps to take to prepare for your consultation with your Stationer:

1. Set a Date
This is a no-brainer. Without a date you can’t really start on a project timeline or narrow down your invitation wording. And with setting a date, you’ve probably picked a venue too. This is also important when deciding what style wedding you’re going to have!

2. Pick a Theme and Colors
This is a big one. Of course you can decide on the exact color of blue you want to use at your meeting, but go with a general idea of what your wedding colors are and what theme you plan to use for the event.

3. Set a Budget!
This is probably the most important one. Unless your budget is unlimited, which most brides aren’t, set a budget you’d like to stick with. This will help save time and keep your stationery designer on track with what can be done for you.

4. Chose a Hotel for Your Guests
Ok, even if you don’t officially call to book the hotel or necessarily even need one, think about that before the meeting so that you can plan to include that information on your invitation.

5. Meal Choices
Decide if you are having meal choices or a buffet/family style as early as you can. This will help plan out your RSVP card more efficiently. Even if you aren’t tasting food for another couple of months and don’t have the exact meals narrowed down yet, have a general idea so you can plan accordingly for space.

6. Know All Family Names
This may seem like an easy one, but make sure you know how each parent wants to be listed on the invitation, or if they are going to be listed at all! If dad goes by a nickname and rarely uses his given name, ask him what he prefers. If your beau is a Junior, find out if he wants to be listed as such. This will make planning out the flow of the invitation wording much easier. If you need help figuring out the appropriate wording, your stationery will be able to help you with that!

These tips will help prepare you for your meeting! Don’t forget, wedding invitations need to be delivered to your guests at least two months before your wedding.

If you’d like to work with Paper Hearts Invitations to create your custom wedding invitation, contact me at least four months before your wedding to start. I look forward to working with you!


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