JANUARY 17, 2017




Jessica Fike

This intimate, nature-filled engagement session in Garrett County, MD includes three of my favorite things as a photographer: A couple in love, the beautiful scenery of the Deep Creek area and color. (Just wait until you see her red dress!) Friend and The Deep Creek Wedding lead, Shannon Gray, captured this session on a warm summer evening in three picturesque locations. The combination of Swallow Falls State Park, a lakeside dock and on top of Wisp mountain created a well-rounded session and Deep Creek experience for this outdoor-loving couple. The pictures with sunshine glow and of course the red dress are my favorite.

From Shannon Gray (the photographer):
I chatted with Mandi and Andrew about where they wanted to go for their engagement session and it definitely sounded like they wanted the outdoors. I am a big fan of incorporating the outdoors and/or architecture in my sessions so I mentioned Swallow Falls as an option. It is one of my favorite places to shoot in the Deep Creek area. There are some amazing places in the forest to shoot. Sometimes you can get lucky and have some really amazing backlighting at the waterfalls. We also talked about having some images at a dock for the sunset, so I remembered the dock at Sunset Wedding Venues. They have a beautiful location and view.

It was a cloudy day so I was a little worried about the weather, but it all turned out amazingly. We started at the falls and then drove to the dock, where Mandi was in an AMAZING red dress! During the session, the two showed how in love they are with each other. It was pretty awesome to watch. As we were finishing up our session at the dock, I thought about us going up to the mountain at Wisp for the rest of the sunset. We raced to get up there before the sun went down and it was perfect.