JUNE 6, 2017




Leigh Clarke




Jodi and Chris met us in the welcoming area, dressed in their crisp logo shirts. They are polished, coordinated and cheerful. We all grab some coffee on this cold, wintery morning.

We all take a seat, sinking into large, cushioned dark leather chairs and snuggle into the warmth of the room. Their offices are in an expansive timber and plank building with cathedral ceilings at the north end of Deep Creek Lake. It reminds us of the idyllic mountain retreat most visitors travel to see. Welcome to Taylor-Made.

Jodi Taylor-Refosco is a partner in Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales (TMDCVS), the company she owns with her husband and brother. Jodi sits on the edge of her seat and when she laughs, it resonates through the space. She tilts her head back, a smile spreads from ear to ear and we feel her pride of this place. Growing up in her parents’ vacation rental business, Jodi says, gave her “the bone structure” on which to build the thriving business she has today. Her high energy and passion are contagious as she continues on about what Taylor-Made means to her.

Chris Rodeheaver is the Manager of Reservations and an integral part of Taylor-Made. She is practically a member of the Taylor-Refosco family. She is reserved and sharp and knows this business. Throughout our interview, Jodi and Chris each complement one another; over 15 years of overcoming challenges and celebrating triumphs has made these two women close and like-minded. They’ve got it together, which is crucial when you’re in the wedding business!

So why Deep Creek and Taylor-Made? This is an intimate destination wedding location with all the comforts of home. We are the lake, the mountains, the beach, and a cabin. Taylor-Made’s homes provide a nostalgic experience within the mountains of Maryland, just a few hours outside of Baltimore or Washington, D.C., for couples looking to escape and tie the knot.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with her team and sharing her expertise, Jodi knows the little elements add up to impact the experience of her guests. Be it a family vacation, a celebratory reunion or a wedding, expectations are set high and the Taylor-Made team works very hard to exceed them. When couples are planning weddings, rest assured attention to detail is tip top concern for this family business!

Jodi’s voice elevates and her passion shines through when she talks about her employees and her family who, when you come to think about it, are essentially the same. “The feeling of family comes from the fact that the team works hard and lets loose, too. An emphasis on shared experiences are what make memories and bonds that are hard to break,” Jodi says.

A knowledge of the area is exceptionally important to ensuring visitors have a good experience. Clarifying what to expect when arriving at Deep Creek Lake is critical. Answering questions about local wildlife and weather is a start. If you are wondering, there are no crabs or sharks in the Lake. We just love the sense of belonging and the laughs shared at Taylor-Made!

“ I love hearing, ‘You finally made my dream come true’.”

For weddings, Chris helps the bride & groom find a rental home with the perfect lake or mountain backdrop. She will also arrange wedding party and guest accommodations in other nearby homes, making it convenient for all your weekend guests. She coordinates county permits and is onsite the day-of to ensure a smooth day that you’ve already dreamed of.

Jodi, who had her own wedding alongside Deep Creek Lake says that a lake wedding is a very intimate experience. She comments, “You are outside in a very peaceful setting with hills in the background by a body of water…who wouldn’t be relaxed and happy?”

Jodi’s casual style is refreshing. She regularly rolls up her sleeves and works alongside her team. Employees are only expected to do tasks the owners themselves will do. Taking out the trash, inspecting beds, and visiting properties – in significant snow, sometimes – are tasks that have to be done to create an excellent customer experience, where you’re treated as an A-lister through your whole process.