Karen Hineman is sitting on the sofa in her living room and looks energetic and engaged. Her southern accent and extravagant storytelling have us entranced for several hours. It was a snowy day, but there was warmth in conversation. Her expressions alone have me laughing continuously, so much so that I won’t repeat them here so everyone who meets her can experience them for themselves. She is one of those people who light up and entire room and whose presence you have to experience for yourself.

From a varied background of event execution, real estate and restaurant ownership, Karen finally feels that her long list of experiences and skills have come to play at Twin Tails Event Farm. She is renovating the farm into a rustic barn wedding venue with the help of her twin brothers and husband, all while her son and daughter run the restaurants she owns in Florida and Pittsburgh.

Karen has always had creative vision and the ability to execute her ideas in a flourishing fashion. “Excessive is our motto. We like to do it big, overdo it, do it right!” It’s the southern way!

She has always wanted a wedding venue. She looked at her uncle’s property on 50 acres outside of Pittsburgh, but fell in love with the farm that is eight miles south of Oakland, MD. This is where her husband said he could picture them growing old together.

The Twin Tails venue is so promising. With an old barn and miles of rough cut lumber she has used to create farmers’ tables and other rustic accents, it’s going to be amazing. The lawns are perfectly manicured and the pond is more of a small lake.

“We are having fun and like doing this,” she says as she walks us through the two primary event buildings and the Antique Bungalow space.

“ I wish you could see what I see.”

“Weddings are so magical”, Karen says. “If you pull the event off correctly, you are now engrained with the couple as part of their life and one of their favorite memories. I just like the event. It’s pretty. It’s magical. I love the party part. The food, the cake…putting on a show. I get a chill when I start talking about what I want to do in this space. I wish you could see what I see”.

When Twin Tails Event Farm opens for its first wedding in the fall of 2017, we will get to see Karen’s vision come to life. It is bound to be creative, fun, and over the top. We can’t wait to share weddings at this venue for years to come.

To learn more about what makes Twins Tails Event Farm the perfect venue for couples getting married, click here.

They have done so much more to the property since our interview, so be sure to follow along on their website and social media (linked below).
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Photography by: Shannon Gray
Edited by: Jacqie McKenzie