OCTOBER 31, 2016




Jessica Fike

Why do couples come choose a Deep Creek Wedding? Why do they come to the area to say “I do”? For all of us, Deep Creek is a special place. Not just because it’s beautiful and relaxing, and filled with all kinds of outdoor activities. It’s also a nostalgic, friendly, getaway destination that feels like home. Strangely enough, our couples feel the same. Even the out-of-towners feel “at home” when they’re here! It’s a place where they can make memories with friends and family, a place that can easily become a big part of their lives, and a place they can always return to ─ like home.

So instead of taking our word for it, we asked three couples to share with you why they chose Deep Creek for their wedding.


Megan and Jeff were married at Wisp Resort in September of 2014. For them, Deep Creek was, without question, their location for their big day.

From Megan:
“Why did we get married at Deep Creek? Simply enough, because it’s Deep Creek. Growing up in two different places, we couldn’t decide on venues, and wanted to find a place that was a mixture of both of us. Over the years, we both had so many memories at Deep Creek with our family, so it was the perfect spot. The atmosphere that Deep Creek provides is so invigorating, as well as relaxed. We love the outdoors and wanted that to be a part of our wedding weekend. Deep Creek was the place, without question, that matched our personalities.”

Photos by Jessica Fike

Kaitlyn and TJ were married at Wisp Resort in June of this year. They’re both locals, so Garrett County and Deep Creek are major parts of their lives.

From Kaitlyn:
“I got married at Deep Creek Lake for a couple of reasons. My husband and I both grew up in Garrett County, so it only seemed right since it has been a major part of our lives. I have also been around Wisp Resort my whole life ─ from snow tubing on field trips, to working there for three years, Wisp was always a “happy place” for me. Although my mountaintop wedding plan didn’t follow through because of rain, I had the most gorgeous, elegant, princess-style wedding at the Mountain Mist Tent, and it was everything that I could have dreamed of! In my opinion, if you’re a bride that is used to the hustle and bustle of city living, Deep Creek is the perfect place to come and relax, and have a perfect wedding! The area provides a sense that you are the only one in the world, surrounded by the calm and beauty of the lake.”


Photos by Sonlight Imaging

Mandi and Andrew are getting married in 2017 at Wisp Resort. They have made so many memories in Garrett County over the years and want to continue doing so on their wedding day.

From Mandi:
“We chose to get married at Deep Creek because this area holds so many wonderful memories for the both of us. Whether it was childhood camping at Savage River, or boat days on Deep Creek Lake with friends as adults, we have always retreated to Garrett County when we need a little break from reality. The undisturbed beauty of the mountains is breathtaking. When we think of Deep Creek Lake and its surrounding areas, we think of home ─ so there is no better place to have our wedding!”

Shannon Gray

Photos by Shannon Gray

If you’re engaged and still trying to figure out where you’ll get married, visit us in Deep Creek, where you and your guests will become part of our family.